ka hab das datum vergessen...

ab4: 1.1.he thought that he never been in a camp 2. stanley was given the cohicd between jail or going to camp green lake 3. ka 4. ka 5. he said, tghat stanley will be thirsty the nesxt 18 month 6. right 7. theodore is called armpit. 8. ka 9. they dont believe that clyde livingston is the owner of the shoes. 10. he doesnt feel home.

ab3.2: at this day, i really had bad luck. at first i went to school and this was a horrible day. derrick dunne, a smaller boy was bullying me all the time and at this day he took my notebook. the whole day, i searcht id and at the end of the school day he have threwn it into the toilett. i took it away but because of that i lost my missed my bus. so,damned, 'cause i had to walk at home. at the way  home i thought about how to copy my pages from my notebook. all the time i have bad luck. this is because of my no-gook-dirty-rotten-pig-stealin-great-great-grandfather. because of him, our whole family has bad luck. he was such a yerk. then i walked under a bridge and a pair of shoes landed on my head. there were old, but i thougth it was a gift of god, because my father tries to recycle old sneakers and these sneakes were perfect.i ran because i thought i had luck the first time at this day. unfortunatly a police car came and asked why i ran. i showed them the shoes and they wated me arres, because this shoes  (i didn't knew it)werre the shoes of clyde livingston and they shuld be sold for 5000 dollar. this money should be for children. i didn't know it and i told my story. but these fucking cops didn't believe me and found it funny. damned!

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the painting and the photo have both chairs in front of the picture. the photo is black and white and you can't only see these chairs, because the rest of the photo is special too, bcause there are some people, cars and houses. in the painting you can see three chairs and the bach of two people, but the parc looks all the time the same. Except of three different chairs and two different people this is the same. the atmosphere of the painting is a little bit boring and when you look at the painting you feel alone and that the people don't want to see you. in the photography you feel invented, because nobody sits on the chairs and the chairs "look" in different sights. Except, the two people look at the chairs, so you feel like they want to see you.

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1) for many years we can see fantastic, intelligent robots in films. but if we think there were really walking and talking machines, like C-3 PO or the Terminator, we would be wrong. today we find most of the robots in factories and laoratories. but in the future, robots perhaps will work in our schools, homes and bodies. they wil do jobs which are too difficult or dangerous for people. one day, we will find it hard to imagine life without them.

(die andere kann ich nicht reinstellen, da dass was mit verbessern war...)


-young boys have to pay for the girl, when they have a date; because of the date, boys have to take a job (pay movie popcorn soda and pizze; $40)

-Highschool / home teaching

-1764-1767: Taxes; 1770: Boston Massacre; 1773: boston tea party; 1775: Battle of lexington and concord; 1776: Declaration of independence; 1732: 13 colonies

-World's first skyscraper: 1885 in chicago

-october 1871: fire burned 3 days in chicago; clompletely destroying the city's downtown area; 18000 buildings were burned; 90000 people were made homeless

-1791: george washington was the first president of usa

-washington d.c. is designed

-1938: Americans listened to a radio novel and believed that men from mars landed on earth

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At first, Jaysa sits at her regular table in the jazz club, because she watchs the man, she felt in love with. The man, she loves is a clarinet player, and she thinks he is the father of her unborn children, but she never talked with him. After the show of the clarinet player and his band (she doesn't like the sound of the saxophone) she goes with a white rose to the side of the stage and sees the clarinet player kissing another woman passionately. She throws the rose away and goes away. The saxophone player comes and give her the rose back and wanted to invite her to a drink, but she runs away, because she's so

sad. She runs away and sit at the subway station and stars into the blach tunnel, that released commuter trains ervery six to eight minutes. Then, she hears the sound of a saxophone. For her it is perfect and beautiful. She wants to know who plays that saxophone, so she follows the sound down the subway corridor.


At first, Jaysa is very hopefull. She thinks that the sexy clarinet player is the love of her life. The music of the clarinet player shows the reader the love to the musician, because she loves everything the clarinet player do. The fact, that she hate the sound of the saxophone, shows that she forgot everything else than things, the saxophone player does. When she saw the clarinet player kissing another woman passionately, she was very sad and her world was broken. But then, when she heard the sound of the saxophone, she reminds herself that there is another world without the clarinet player and the sound make her thind about other things than the clarinet player. She likes the music and for her it makes a perfect sound, because it was no clarinet. Because of the saxophone she gets new hopes and isn't as sad as at the beginning of sitting there.

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8) 2. Yes, I can give your note to megan. i'll be seeing her at the youth club tonight.

3. of course we can give you a ride home. we'll be going right past your house.

4. i'll record the programme for you. i'll be recording it anyway because i won't have time to watch it tonight.

5. yes, i can buy a ticket for you. i'll be buying one for myself tomorrow.

6. yes, i can easily buy you a sandwich. i'll be going to the shop anyway to get my own lunch.

3)skyscrapers and me

we write the year 2028. my name is xyz, i'm 36 years old and i work in a skyscraper in chicago. i really like my work, but i would like it better when I would work in a "normal" house, because i don't like the high. when I'm looking at the window and see the little points, which are people, i become frighten. i'm scared, because i don't know what i could do, when something happen in this skyscraper like a fire, a hurrican or maybe a terrorist attack. the terrorist attack was the worst thing, which ever happened in the history of skyscrapers. some people kidnapped a plan and flew in the world trade center, a skyscraper. a lot of people died. in this year i was 10, but i can relly remind it like yesterday. i know there are some plans to rescue our lifes, but i can't believe that everybody can be rescue when something like that happen. i enfoy living in seattle and yes i enjoy my work, too, but i really would feel better without the high of these dangerous skyscrapers.

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There are many stars in heaven.

Yesterday a house with two people were explode.

a lot of people ar frighten of the global warming.

my room is eytremely small. this day were hard and extreme.

i want to have the new items of h&m. (das kannst du ja umändern *g*)

Because of his fiction, Schiller is very famous.

 i really like to make puzzles.

when you do baby-sitting, you are in charge of the children.

5) E: what are qou doing next year, tim?

T: I'll do physics at Sheffield University. i'm looking forward to it. what about you?

E: I'm going to have a gap year before i go to university. i'm going to work in a hotel in new zealand. it's all arranged. I'm going to spend six month there. and afterwards i'm going to travel around.

T: Oh that will be great.

E: i've booked my flight. I leave on 18 august, and i can't wait.

T: AT least you'll have some money when you've finished there. going to university is so expensive. it will cost me an awful lot of money.

E: Wll, if you going to get a good job afterwards, you be able to pay back.

T: i wish i was going with you, emma.

E: well, i'm going to send you a postcard.

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