ka hab das datum vergessen...

ab4: 1.1.he thought that he never been in a camp 2. stanley was given the cohicd between jail or going to camp green lake 3. ka 4. ka 5. he said, tghat stanley will be thirsty the nesxt 18 month 6. right 7. theodore is called armpit. 8. ka 9. they dont believe that clyde livingston is the owner of the shoes. 10. he doesnt feel home.

ab3.2: at this day, i really had bad luck. at first i went to school and this was a horrible day. derrick dunne, a smaller boy was bullying me all the time and at this day he took my notebook. the whole day, i searcht id and at the end of the school day he have threwn it into the toilett. i took it away but because of that i lost my missed my bus. so,damned, 'cause i had to walk at home. at the way  home i thought about how to copy my pages from my notebook. all the time i have bad luck. this is because of my no-gook-dirty-rotten-pig-stealin-great-great-grandfather. because of him, our whole family has bad luck. he was such a yerk. then i walked under a bridge and a pair of shoes landed on my head. there were old, but i thougth it was a gift of god, because my father tries to recycle old sneakers and these sneakes were perfect.i ran because i thought i had luck the first time at this day. unfortunatly a police car came and asked why i ran. i showed them the shoes and they wated me arres, because this shoes  (i didn't knew it)werre the shoes of clyde livingston and they shuld be sold for 5000 dollar. this money should be for children. i didn't know it and i told my story. but these fucking cops didn't believe me and found it funny. damned!

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