1) for many years we can see fantastic, intelligent robots in films. but if we think there were really walking and talking machines, like C-3 PO or the Terminator, we would be wrong. today we find most of the robots in factories and laoratories. but in the future, robots perhaps will work in our schools, homes and bodies. they wil do jobs which are too difficult or dangerous for people. one day, we will find it hard to imagine life without them.

(die andere kann ich nicht reinstellen, da dass was mit verbessern war...)


-young boys have to pay for the girl, when they have a date; because of the date, boys have to take a job (pay movie popcorn soda and pizze; $40)

-Highschool / home teaching

-1764-1767: Taxes; 1770: Boston Massacre; 1773: boston tea party; 1775: Battle of lexington and concord; 1776: Declaration of independence; 1732: 13 colonies

-World's first skyscraper: 1885 in chicago

-october 1871: fire burned 3 days in chicago; clompletely destroying the city's downtown area; 18000 buildings were burned; 90000 people were made homeless

-1791: george washington was the first president of usa

-washington d.c. is designed

-1938: Americans listened to a radio novel and believed that men from mars landed on earth

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