At first, Jaysa sits at her regular table in the jazz club, because she watchs the man, she felt in love with. The man, she loves is a clarinet player, and she thinks he is the father of her unborn children, but she never talked with him. After the show of the clarinet player and his band (she doesn't like the sound of the saxophone) she goes with a white rose to the side of the stage and sees the clarinet player kissing another woman passionately. She throws the rose away and goes away. The saxophone player comes and give her the rose back and wanted to invite her to a drink, but she runs away, because she's so

sad. She runs away and sit at the subway station and stars into the blach tunnel, that released commuter trains ervery six to eight minutes. Then, she hears the sound of a saxophone. For her it is perfect and beautiful. She wants to know who plays that saxophone, so she follows the sound down the subway corridor.


At first, Jaysa is very hopefull. She thinks that the sexy clarinet player is the love of her life. The music of the clarinet player shows the reader the love to the musician, because she loves everything the clarinet player do. The fact, that she hate the sound of the saxophone, shows that she forgot everything else than things, the saxophone player does. When she saw the clarinet player kissing another woman passionately, she was very sad and her world was broken. But then, when she heard the sound of the saxophone, she reminds herself that there is another world without the clarinet player and the sound make her thind about other things than the clarinet player. She likes the music and for her it makes a perfect sound, because it was no clarinet. Because of the saxophone she gets new hopes and isn't as sad as at the beginning of sitting there.

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