8) 2. Yes, I can give your note to megan. i'll be seeing her at the youth club tonight.

3. of course we can give you a ride home. we'll be going right past your house.

4. i'll record the programme for you. i'll be recording it anyway because i won't have time to watch it tonight.

5. yes, i can buy a ticket for you. i'll be buying one for myself tomorrow.

6. yes, i can easily buy you a sandwich. i'll be going to the shop anyway to get my own lunch.

3)skyscrapers and me

we write the year 2028. my name is xyz, i'm 36 years old and i work in a skyscraper in chicago. i really like my work, but i would like it better when I would work in a "normal" house, because i don't like the high. when I'm looking at the window and see the little points, which are people, i become frighten. i'm scared, because i don't know what i could do, when something happen in this skyscraper like a fire, a hurrican or maybe a terrorist attack. the terrorist attack was the worst thing, which ever happened in the history of skyscrapers. some people kidnapped a plan and flew in the world trade center, a skyscraper. a lot of people died. in this year i was 10, but i can relly remind it like yesterday. i know there are some plans to rescue our lifes, but i can't believe that everybody can be rescue when something like that happen. i enfoy living in seattle and yes i enjoy my work, too, but i really would feel better without the high of these dangerous skyscrapers.

29.1.08 15:33


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