There are many stars in heaven.

Yesterday a house with two people were explode.

a lot of people ar frighten of the global warming.

my room is eytremely small. this day were hard and extreme.

i want to have the new items of h&m. (das kannst du ja umändern *g*)

Because of his fiction, Schiller is very famous.

 i really like to make puzzles.

when you do baby-sitting, you are in charge of the children.

5) E: what are qou doing next year, tim?

T: I'll do physics at Sheffield University. i'm looking forward to it. what about you?

E: I'm going to have a gap year before i go to university. i'm going to work in a hotel in new zealand. it's all arranged. I'm going to spend six month there. and afterwards i'm going to travel around.

T: Oh that will be great.

E: i've booked my flight. I leave on 18 august, and i can't wait.

T: AT least you'll have some money when you've finished there. going to university is so expensive. it will cost me an awful lot of money.

E: Wll, if you going to get a good job afterwards, you be able to pay back.

T: i wish i was going with you, emma.

E: well, i'm going to send you a postcard.

24.1.08 16:45


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